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How much lead is in the doggie in the window?

Came across an interesting consumer product issue.  Here’s a news report about a grandmother complaining that a product she wanted to purchase had the following warning on its: “Warning: Contains lead.  May be harmful if eaten or chewed.  May generate dust containing lead.” Why did the manufacturer place that warning on a label?  Most likely, […]

February 2011 Update of CPSIA Requirements and Stays of Enforcement

The Consumer Product Safety Commission posted a nifty chart online today with regard to enforcement of the CPSIA.  By Rule, Standard or Ban, and by product category, you can determine the whether a non-children’s product requires a General Conformity Certificate, or if a Children’s Product Certificate is required based on Third Party Testing. A useful […] has a soft launch. There’s still time to prepare.

Are you ready for This website is in the Soft Launch phase and accepting reports starting today. The website will contain the “Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database (Database)” collected by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The good news is that the CPSC will be testing the Database functionality first before […]

CPSC issues decision to extend an existing “stay of enforcement” on total lead content in children’s products.

The CPSC announced its decision to extend the existing stay of enforcement on testing and certifications of the total lead content in children’s products (except for metal components of children’s metal jewelry) until September 14, 2011, at which time the stay of enforcement will expire.  The action taken today also pertains to lead content in […]