Compliance and Ethics Programs - Not Just for Lawyers

Compliance and Ethics Programs – Not Just for Lawyers

It’s always a pleasure to be included as faculty for the PLI’s Corporate Compliance & Ethics Institute.  This one and a half day program will be held this year (2012) on May 10-11 in Chicago.  It’s intended for anyone involved in any aspect of corporate compliance and ethics — not just lawyers (but if you’re […]

How much lead is in the doggie in the window?

Came across an interesting consumer product issue.  Here’s a news report about a grandmother complaining that a product she wanted to purchase had the following warning on its: “Warning: Contains lead.  May be harmful if eaten or chewed.  May generate dust containing lead.” Why did the manufacturer place that warning on a label?  Most likely, […]

Out of Davos…

It’s Davos week – the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011. So, what’s on the docket this year?  According to interviews reported by the Financial Times, there will a focus on a “two-speed world economy” – a growing economy dominated by emerging markets (China, India, Brazil and Russia) with less in the advanced economies. Optimism, […]